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Last Updated: 09/19/2021

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The lawsuits over the locking system continued, incidentally the locking system lawsuit is not about the easy angle long joint of the laminate flooring, all the law suits focus on the end locking joint.

The chase to create an exact wood replicate of hardwood flooring continued and this led to a technology called 'Register and Emboss' or 'Embossed and Registered'. The idea of this was for the pattern of the oak for example to be perfectly indented into the wood panel, so the grain of the Connecticut Oak or Cherry was realistic to the touch.

All the manufacturers soon chased this technology, it required a relatively simple process, create the correct paper (décor pattern) and then have a press plate and the end of the manufacturing process to match that paper décor and then you have the grain embossed. Legal arguments over who came up with that technology all ensued.

The year of branding, distributors with 'own brand' tried to position themselves as Connecticut manufacturers - one of the biggest being a vinyl manufacturer tried to position themselves as market leaders. This also became the year of the home center business, where having your labeled product in one of the three main US home centers was the ultimate goal.

Flooring And Installation in Connecticut

It is a pretty common sight in a home office. You have a rolling chair on top of a chair mat. The mat is there to keep your carpet safe from the damage that the chairs rollers can cause. But do they do more harm than good?

There is no question that rolling chairs can quickly wear out your carpet. Because of that you should never place a rolling chair onto your carpeting. They should only be used on a hard surface. To solve this problem most people buy a floor protector which is basically a sheet of plastic that you lay on the floor to protect it. They do protect the floor from the damage of the chair but they also cause an entirely new problem. For starters the carpet underneath the mat is protected to the point that it does not wear at all. When you go to move the mat you have a new piece of carpet surrounded by worn carpeting. Cleaning will help but chances are that the carpet will never match again. Another problem they can cause is yellowing. Because the mat does not allow air to pass through it can trap gasses underneath the mat. These gases which are produced when new carpeting and padding off gas can actually turn your carpet yellow.

So what can you do? The best thing to do is not use a rolling chair at all. Buy a regular chair with legs and do not use a mat on your floor at all. if you must use a chair mat, pull it up often and vacuum underneath it. When you put it back, reposition it slightly. This little bit of effort might just save your carpets.

Prefinished Flooring in Connecticut

The secret behind the ease of fitting laminate flooring is the simple locking system that allows each plank to simply click into place. The joins are virtually invisible and the planks can be lifted then reinstalled if you need to replace a damaged board.

When laying a laminate floor you must consider what underlay will be best to use. By using thicker underlay the floor will have more insulation and better sound dampening properties. If a laminate floor is being laid on a concrete sub floor it is advisable to lay a damp proof membrane first to prevent moisture damaging the flooring. There is a growing number of laminate floors on the market that have built in underlay however a damp proof membrane is still recommended on concrete sub bases.

Deciding on which direction to lay the laminate floor in is another consideration to make as it can be crucial to the look of the room. Most floors look best if they are laid in the direction that the sunlight enters the room whilst in hallways laying the laminate floor along the length of the space will give the best visual results.

Cork Flooring in Connecticut

Filtration soiling is a problem that affects many carpets. You can recognize filtration lines easily. They show themselves as dark lines around walls and underneath doors. In this article I will explain how these lines are formed and what can be done about them.

Filtration lines form when your air conditioning and heating system blows air into your room. The air is blown into a room effectively pressurizing it. The air must go somewhere so it goes underneath walls and closed doors to equalize the rooms pressure. The carpet along this area acts as a filter. It traps the fine particles of dust and soot that are in the air. These fine particles are difficult if not impossible to remove.

If you have these lines your first step is to call a professional carpet cleaner. They will have the knowledge to get rid of the lines. You could try home spotters but the residue lef behind would probably cause the lines to reappear later and they would probably be worse.

If you get rid of the lines or just want to prevent them, there are some steps you can take. Filtration lines are worse if you burn candles, incense or oil burners so use them sparingly. Also try to leave doors to rooms open as much as possible. This gives the air a place to go besides under your walls. Lastly you can use quality air filters in your HVAC system that filter smaller dirt particles. That's about all you can do. Unfortunately filtration lines are just a part of owning carpet.

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